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Today, From 5 February 2023, Mr. Uttam KC Has Taken Lifetime IBC Membership With Sajilo Online Private Limited.


27 years of teaching experience, studying the nature of every single student as far as practicable, using physical, psychological as well as spiritual techniques so that all the students can enjoy their learning as if they are playing a very entertaining game.
Have had the subtle experience of cosmic realization, mind and awareness realization and supreme eternal existence realization.
Fond of playing musical instruments and singing.
Now working as facilitator in sambriddhi Nepal.


I am associated with Shri Krishna Pranami Dharam, I try to participate in all kinds of religious activities.
It seems to me that the solution to the problem of any kind of problems is spirituality.


Right now I am helping any type of business to grow their business by digitizing it.
This sajilO Online ‘s service will give you very effective Promotion in a different way for your business.


After investing 27 years of my life in teaching, I am realizing that times have changed but not the way to teach ! Now a days I guide to the teachers and parents with the help of my own experience. At the same time how to study and stay away from stress and depression. I guide children above 5 years on this topic.

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What My Students Saying ?

Amazingly Helpful

“To whom it may concern: I would like to start by giving my positive reference to Uttam, as a spiritual teacher, who teaches many different types of meditation, Yoga, and hand techniques all of which have been amazingly helpful to me. Uttam also gives beautiful psychological and spiritual counsel. during the class he makes you feel so comfortable and is so amazingly patient and kind while teaching the different techniques and meditations. He is a self-taught musician who plays many different instruments. He offers such Divine musical therapy with his classes. His mind and awareness therapy helps you to understand your inner nature in a way that will help you to transcend it. Since working with Uttam I have noticed a huge change in myself, the person that I have become, and the person that I strive to be. He has helped me to think in ways I never have before. He has also helped me to understand the self in ways that I never imagined. Anytime I’ve had any question about anything he has been there to patiently and thoughtfully answer them. Uttam is extremely modest and down to earth. However I feel that he is a highly realized human being. Any person who takes his classes can count themselves as a very lucky individual indeed. I would promise anyone from the bottom of my heart that their lives can only be blessed and further enriched by taking a course with him. I feel so blessed and so happy to be able to give a reference to this wonderful spiritual human being, who has taught me more than he will ever know, and that helped me more than he will ever know. Thank you all, namaste.”


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