OJT – On The Job Training

What Is OJT

The Simple Meaning Of OJT Is “On The Job Training”. Where You Will Learn About The Work First And After Acquiring The Skills, You Will Be Given A Job Opportunity.

Time Period

There Will Be 25 Days Training. Where You Will Attend Google Meet Online Class Every Morning And Evening For One Hour. At The Same Time, You Will Work In The Field According To The Training And Guidelines Given On A Daily Basis.

What Will You Learn

Especially in this work, you will develop all these skills.
for example,
* communication skills
* Personality development
* team working
* remote work
* Online Management
* schedule management
* Data Research
* problem solving skills
* content writing
* Benefits of Online / Information Technology
* Administrative Tasks Solved
* Basic Human Resource Management.
* Basic Knowledge Of,
Websites, Mobile App, Blogs, Portfolio And Its Benefits.

Award & Certificate:

This Training Is Not For Giving You Awards And Certificates.
If You Attend The Training With Full Hard Work, You Will Get A Job Appointment With A Basic Salary Of 25,000.

And Yes,
If You Already Have All Of The skills Listed Above, You Can Apply Directly To The Marketplace Coordinator Position.

If 25,000 Training Fee Seems High Then,

The 2 – 4 Pagees Of Certificates That You Have Collected By Spending Lakhs For 15 Years, Now Find A Job With Better Salary By Using It All. Good Luck.

Then You Won’t Be Hired.

* If You Did Not Attend Class Regularly For 25 Days.
* If The Report Of The Given Task Is Not Submitted Regularly.
* In The Midst Of The OJT, If Upon Receipt Of Any Activities Which May Affect The Company.

In That Condition, In Any Time You Will Be Thrown Out Of Work. And Neither Will Your Fees Be Returned Nor Will You Get A Job.

Please Apply Only After Taking Complete Information After Talking To Our Officer.

Good Luck

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