IBC – Individual Business Consultant

Individual Business Consultant

At our place
A business consultant is one who meets any type of businessman and discusses their business problems.
After finding out their business problems,
How the problem can be solved by the services of our company and how our service will benefit their business? They Will convince the businessmen on this topic.

Basic Requirement:

For this,
* First of all you need to have good communication skills.
* Knowledge and updates on new technology.
* Knowledge and understanding on the benefits of internet / online. with explaining skills.
* Quick Learning Skills.
* Honest And Self Motivated.
* Punctual and hardworking.

Plan & Process

If you have the skills mentioned above, then you can process by selecting one of the two plans.

  • Plan A

This plan is designed for those who are new to professional life. There will be some Experience left for them. And they will learn a lot on their own hard work and along with that they will also earn 25-50 thousand per month. The entry fee for this plan is 25,000.

  • Plan B

This plan is designed for those who have a little bit work experience. If you have the ability to judge the person in front of you and have the inner strength to walk with confidence in your work, then this plan will be better for you.In this plan, you will also get the authority of keeping two more assistants officially. Even by giving 20-30 thousand salary to both of them from your side, you can earn 50 thousand to 1 lakh per month. The entry fee for this plan is 50,000.

Your Safety and Guarantee Purpose

We will provide basic training and guidelines to you for the first ten days. After that you will work for Three months. It means You will get the agreement for the first 100 days. We give you this guarantee for 100 days that: If you chose “Plan A” and did not earn even 60,000 within 100 days or chose “Plan B” and did not earn even 1,00,000 within 100 days, then you will be returned 100% of your entry fee.

After 100 Days

Our Earnings and Cashback Guarantee agreement will expire after the completion of 100 days.

* If within this 100 days interval, you are successful and want to continue with the work, for which a new agreement will be made.

* If you are not successful then you will be refunded your entry fee. And you will not work further.

Condition For Return Entry Fee

* You must have attend ten days training regularly.
* You have to submit work report every day for 100 days.
* You have to complete the given task as per as the guideline to work.
* If the company does not receive the regular report or if you submit any type of fake report, then the agreement will be canceled at any time and your entry fee will not be refunded.

Other Benefits

* By doing these work, you will become more smarter and more professional.
* You will get a lot of business ideas and also get knowledge of how it runing.
* You will get experience of business interaction with a businessman which will be more beneficial in every field for your further life.
* With this work experience, you will also be empowered to start your own business.

Our Promise

If you give your 100% effort for these 100 days, we will provide you a lifetime career opportunity with a salary of Rs.50,000 to lakhs.


Please Kindly Talk With Our Officer And Be Clear About It Before You Apply For This Opportunity. Good Luck.

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