Career Opportunity As The Recruiter

Career Opportunity As The Recruiter


What Is

Recruiter Is The Person Whose Duty Is To Enlist Or Enrol People As Employees, Or As Members Of An Organisation.


If You Gonna Apply For This Position In Our Company, You Most Have Basic Computer Knowledge, Well Communication Skills, E-mail Internet Knowledge, Online Shopping Knowledge And Skills For Convince People About It.
If You Have Mentioned Things Inside You, Then You Can Apply For Join With Following:
– Photo
– Citizenship
– Registration Fee: Rs. 1,000/- ( One Thousend Only )

Step One After Joining

First Of All You Will Get The Digital ID. Then Will Be Basic Training Or Guidance For Your Work For The Starting Few Days. Then You Have To Do Collaboration With Business & Organisation. Our Team Will Provide Back Support For Make Your Deal Success.

You Will Get The Basic Task: While You understand Your Job. You Have To Fulfilled That. It Takes 2-5 Days Normally. Its depend On Candidate Skills & Ability. This Task Will Pay You Not Less Then 5,000. But It Can Be More. After Completing Your First Task You Will Be Promoted For your Actual Job “Recruiter”

Step Two

You Are The “Recruiter” Now. As Per As “Recruiter” Meaning Now You Are Able To Hire Candidate For Job. At First You Most Hire At Least 5 Candidate For The Job. Then You Will Be Able To Get Passive Income.

After Hiring 5 Candidate For Job, To Train And Guide Them Also Will Be Your Duty. It May Take For 2 To Days. Its Depend On Candidate Knowledge. You Will Have To Provide Back Support To Them. But Don’t Be Worry, Company Will Also Support To All Of You In Each And Every Step.

Is Time & Location matter ?

No My Dear !
Anyone From Anywhere Can Apply Who Have Mentioned Ability.
No Matter If You Are Businessmen Or Self Employee Or Job Holder. Anybody Can Work On This Job. Its Like A Freelancing Job. You Just need To Utilise You Leisure Time. If You Are ready For It: You Will Enjoy Here.

Final Step & Payment

You Are The Senior Now!
Let’s Enjoy With Your Team And Team Work.
You will Get Some Basic Monthly tasks that You Can Submit Easily Even If You Work Only One Day In A Week. Just keep That In Mind And Enjoy Your Daily Life.

The Payment Will Increase In every Month. Suppose 8,750 Is Your First Payment, It Means You Can Hope 15,000+ In Next & 21,250+ In next. There Is No Limit To Increase. You Can earn Unlimited Just Maintaining Basic Monthly Task.

How To Apply

If You Decide To Join Here With Us: Just Knock Us Below And For ward Your Photo, ID Proof And Your Registration Fee. You Will Get Your Online ID Within 24 Hour And Will Be Continue Your Training And Other Process.

We Accept: